Project:Solace Devlog #3

(Project:Solace is a 2D sidescroller with RPG, platformer, and permadeath elements. Currently in development)

1. Pictures added to dialogue boxes

Before dialogue boxes were just the name of the speaker and text.  I recently updated text overall to be more conversational and not forced.  Adding the speakers picture added that something extra to help connect with the characters. Had to draw a few more portraits but worth it.  Not sure yet if the current state of the portraits are the final versions.

2. Remove auto save in favor of manual save ( except death )

I had the game automatically save when entering rest areas, going to the world map, and when a character died in a "level" section ( permadeath feature ).  I have kept the character dying as an auto save to keep that extra suspense of permadeath but I removed autosave elsewhere.  As I continued to expand the levels, and add bosses, it made sense to have a manual save in lieu of an auto save.

3.  Addition of 3 bosses

I never intended to add bosses in the game.  But as I layered more features on top and wanted to provide some uniqueness the bosses seemed like the logical step.  The game, thus far, does not have those "traditional" unlock of abilities to help with bosses but as you progress they increase in difficulty and hit a lot harder.

4.  Areas continued to be expanded

Hopefully the final time of expanding the 6 main areas in the game. These are the exploratory areas that Sophie is able to navigate and find items in.  Quality of life tweak to add some additional play time and interest the player more.

5.  Additional things of note:

  • Added some eating monsters!

  • Rearranged when some items unlock as you progress
  • Removed "choose your adventure" sections completely from game
  • All flags for sidequests now update sidequest text
  • Continued work ( more or less finalization ) of introduction section of game


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