Project:Solace Devlog #2

(Project:Solace is a 2D sidescroller with RPG, platformer, and permadeath elements. Currently in development)

1. Intro section

Added something to break up the opening sections of the game.  It’s nothing long or fancy but helps with pacing.  It is a nice small break between the opening and then right whenever the game really starts taking off.

2. Fences

Added some more “secret” areas into the game via fences.  You get a special item later in the game that allows you to cut through certain sections and access additional areas.  These areas will be optional/secrets only and not required to complete the game.

3.  Gloves

At the time of the previous devlog I was working on a special glove item.  This item allows you to access previously inaccessible areas for secret items as well as allows you to progress through the game.  You will be able to move large boxes horizontally with them.

4.  Map Unlock Flair

When unlocking new map points I added some slight animation as the point dots unlock along with some sound effects.  This only happens as soon as you unlock and after that the points are static.

5.  All sprites, dialogue, and special items laid out

I have completed the foundation for all the basic sprites for characters, levels, and dialogue for all characters.  I reworked how the dialogue was presented.  Before it was very once side but now it is more conversational. All currently planned additional secret items ( collectibles, enhancements, skill points, and upgrade kits ) have been placed in the game.  Along with the sprites and dialogue it is finally starting to come together and feel like a whole project.

6.  Additional things of note:

  • Additional sea side quest added
  • Additional levels added via fences
  • Built out additional levels overall to make exploring feel longer
  • Considering reworking some puzzles and “choose your adventure” sections


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