Alpha Demo 1.0.0

The game seems in a solid stable place.

Major updates from last time:

  • Removed multiple weapon types and loadout ( armor )
    • I have decided that having multiple weapon and armor types was unnecessary overhead for coding and for player.  Now there are two different options in the game: workbench upgrades and enhancements.  Workbench upgrades, which require a special item to be consumed, will enhance armor defense and weapon damage and add slots.  Slots are needed to equip enhancements which provide different abilities from poisoning/stunning an enemy or providing a rechargable shield that takes multiple hits before breaking.
  • Removed water ( stamina ) from game
    • Remove weapons and armor brought about removing stamina.  Also, stamina proved to slow game down/unnecessary overhead
  • Increased speed for swing and for shooting
  • Updated a slew of various sprites
    • Swing "swoosh", gunfire...
  • Idle animation added for enemy
  • Decreased item drop rate
  • Increased junk drop rate
  • Additional section added with pushable box
    • Item is required to push box which is obtained later in game

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Apr 02, 2020

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