Alpha Demo 0.3.0

Pretty significant changes from the previous version of the demo:

  • Can only use one character during event
  • New sprites for characters
  • Added inventory UI ( TAB )
  • Quest log page added  ( after inventory )
  • UI HUD elements removed in favor of inventory UI
  • Removed holding E for run
  • Decreased health
  • Health is replaced with food and not cooking
  • Jump height slightly decreased and faster fall
  • When jumping enemies now can damage you
  • Removed music from various levels so music wasn't constantly playing
  • Updated fishing sprite
  • When enemies health is low the speed of enemy increases
  • Handgun sound updated
  • When taking damage new effects added ( pause, red screen, sound ) to provide more feedback
  • Enemy death persists until you go back to world map

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Feb 28, 2020

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